Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, who in close cooperation with the renowned architect and designer Josef Frank made an everlasting contribution to Swedish design history. Together, the duo created a success story that has become a Swedish institution within design and interiors. Today, Svenskt Tenn is run as a foundation with a well-known flagship store on Strandvägen in Stockholm that attracts many visitors.

For some years now, in addition to a brick-and-mortar store Svenskt Tenn has offered its customers in Sweden and abroad the opportunity to purchase the company’s products online. When it came time to take a fresh look at their website and e-commerce solution, NetRelations, in collaboration with Planeta Design, was consulted to realize their vision. NetRelations was tasked with project management, support during the concept phase, strategy, technology development and implementation. Together with Svenskt Tenn, Planeta Design was responsible for the communicative concept and graphic design.

Svenskt Tenn’s new website is special in that it portrays the company’s versatility while reflecting the store on Strandvägen in Stockholm. To achieve this synthesis, we chose to hire a web design agency to manage development of the site and a design firm for graphic design. Thanks to NetRelations’ focus on quality, usability and business benefit, we selected them as partner together with Planeta Design.

Thommy Bindefeld Marketing Manager and Creative Director, Svenskt Tenn

The vision: An e-commerce solution that blurs the lines between physical and digital

Svenskt Tenn has a clear vision that the online store should reflect the physical store as much as possible, so our focus during the project was on the user experience. The Svenskt Tenn brand, both through the physical store on Strandvägen and the digital world, should remain timeless and radiate uncompromising quality. It is a reflection of history as well as the present and future.

Content makes up the core of the site, and images, text and video are tastefully woven together and presented as an online magazine, with inspiring “rooms” and, of course, stories and descriptions of Svenskt Tenn’s cultural heritage. The craft and its history in particular are highlighted to inspire and create interest among visitors before and after a purchase.

High aesthetic standards and uncompromising quality for a stunning website, from sketch to final function

Few pages on the website are alike, and each element has been carefully designed, developed, tested and populated with content. Both designers and developers have worked closely together through all iterations of the project. A key requirement has been the adaptive interface, which promotes a complete experience regardless of screen size. One major difference from the previous site was the prioritization of smaller resolutions for mobile devices, followed by a focus on different sizes all the way up to large-scale screens for the most discriminating users.

Criteria that guided the choice of Episerver Commerce as main platform included the ease and flexibility of managing the large amount of site content, multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, and the ability to integrate all the necessary systems.

The e-commerce solution now has integrations to the payment systems Klarna (invoice payments), PayEx (direct debiting, credit card payments and PayPal), SPAR for managing personal data and Unifaun for shipping method. Salesforce and Carma have been integrated for different forms of customer communication. Loop 54 is used as the search engine and Apica for load testing and performance optimization. Svenskt Tenn previously used the Dynamics AX/NAV ERP system, which was implemented in parallel with the project in an upgraded version of Navipro. The solution is hosted in a load-balanced configuration with a CDN by Episerver Everweb.

In this type of project, it’s important to have a clear time frame and a smooth-running process from beginning to end. And you also need to be able to maintain a close dialogue with everyone involved, something that has worked very well in our collaboration with NetRelations.

Catarina Tagebjer E-commerce Manager, Svenskt Tenn

Analysis and optimization will guide continued development

The iterative approach that characterized work on the first launch continues even after the launch, with continuous measurements of how the new solution is performing in relation to stated project goals together with end-user behavior and feedback. NetRelations collaborates continuously with Svenskt Tenn on analysis and optimization using both quantitative and qualitative data, and several new features are already being developed to enhance the user experience.

Svenskt Tenn’s new website has been received with warmth and appreciation, both internally and externally. It’s been the subject of discussions and articles because of its well thought-out combination of images, text, news and history. We have taken a giant leap in Svenskt Tenn’s digital evolution, and are very proud to have come this far

Thommy Bindefeld Marketing Manager and Creative Director, Svenskt Tenn