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    Staying at the forefront requires constant improvement


Staying at the forefront requires constant improvement

We do not think digital projects have an end. We help you to measure, evaluate, challenge and optimize to meet new challenges. By constantly being proactive and having the courage to question, we guide our customers towards becoming even better.

We are continuously working on developing our customers and their digital maturity. We do this through a so-called proactive management under which we continuously provide you as a customer with both analyzes and inspiration to achieve the desired vision mode.

When talking about proactive management, it simply includes web analytics, user studies, trend monitoring, advisory, conversion optimization and strategic development. In other words, this is where we look at how the solution has been performing earlier (measure), concludes why performance was as it was (analyzes) and then decide what we can improve (optimizes).

NetRelations is skilled when it comes to web analytics. We not only certify our web analysts and strategists, but many of our interface developers and system developers are also certified in Google Analytics. We believe understanding both the business and the organization's goals as well as end users and their behavior are crucial factors for achieving success.

Benchmarking and strategic consulting are two other important and often highly rated factors in proactive management. Sharing facts and insight about the industry, different trends, what happens to different platforms and systems and advising you on how to take action is something we see as a natural part of this phase. An important forum for proactive management is regular web councils. At these meetings we review ongoing and completed efforts, look at current trends, discuss the outcome of conducted analyzes, bump different ideas and put together a plan of action for future activities.

Our services

In the Refine phase, we can offer a large number of services to help you along the way. These are a few examples:

  • Web analytics
  • Web Councils
  • Digital trends
  • Round-table-sessions
  • Customer feedback and online-surveys
  • A&B-testing
  • Advanced report set up
  • Customer journeys
  • Techncial audit
  • Helpdesk
  • Digital goals and KPI:s
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • User studies
  • Traffic analysis
  • Usability
  • Reports on demand
  • Personalization
  • Style guides


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