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    Innovative design and technology make it possible


Innovative design and technology make it possible

We design experiences that engage and align, both in large and small. With our deep technical expertise, we realize them on world-leading digital platforms. With modern technology we enable the creation of real benefit.

Technology selection is based on needs

We always allow the user's needs to control our technical recommendations, which can sometimes lead us to recommend our customers anything else they thought they needed before they came to us. We see it as helping our customers navigate through the jungle of technology and platform choices available today. We deliver solutions on commercial platforms like Episerver and SharePoint, but also on open source platforms like Wordpress or Umbraco. When the platform selection is done, our interface and system development expertise takes place and creates a solution designed to create business or business benefits.

Ongoing communication

We are available throughout the process to answer questions, discuss different solutions and show how the work continues. As a customer, you will have the opportunity to continuously see how our delivery will grow. That way, any uncertainties and misunderstandings can be sorted out early and we avoid time-consuming revisions in the final phase of a project.

Prototype-based interface development

With us, most developers are specialized in working either with interfaces - what you encounter in the browser - or system development - programming and configuring the underlying architecture and functionality. As a result, we always work with a standalone environment to show how the interface works. We call it "prototype", but it is rather a template or a facit for how the interface code should look when it is implemented in the platform we have chosen. This way of working allows our interface developers to work significantly faster and more effectively than if the interface was combined with the final platform. It also enables our customers to get a feel for what we build will work in a browser faster.

Our services

In the Realize phase, we can offer a large number of services to help you along the way:

  • Style guide driven development
  • Responsive design
  • Support and development
  • Front end
  • Project management
  • User studies
  • Integrations
  • Usability
  • Episerver
  • Episerver Commerce
  • SharePoint


Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn's new website has been received with warmth and appreciation both internally and externally. It has been described and rewritten for the well-thought-out combination of pictures, texts, news and history. We have taken a big step in Svenskt Tenn's digital development, and are very proud to have come this far.

Thommy Bindefeld , Marketing Manager and Creative Director, Svenskt Tenn

Nacka Municipality

We sought a partner with specific skills to design and build a website that could work for all the municipality's stakeholders as well as long-term support and challenge us to develop and use the web as a channel. Our partnership with NetRelations has been characterized by broad competence and great commitment.

Lotta Nordström , Digital Manager, Nacka Municipality

The City of Gothenburg

In order to develop concepts and processes for our core framework, we needed a partner with deep knowledge in interface development and with previous experience working with track guides and component-based GUI architecture.

Mikael Sandin , Product Manager and UX-designer, The City of Gothenburg


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